We believe in giving our customers a memorable, lasting experience every time they visit our All-in-One Carwash. Our business is about convenience which is customer centric leading to lasting customer satisfaction.

Our key offering includes a highly specialised carwash facility and a kasi vibe Cafe which keeps our customers highly engaged while waiting for their cars to be washed.

The Carwash facility offers the following services
1. Carwash On the Go
2. Full Carwash , which includes a tyre polish, interior vacuum and etc
3. Body Polish
4. Engine Cleaner

469 Cafe

The Cafe specialises on providing fresh and on the go meals to our patrons which include breakfast and lunch meals 7 days a week. Coffee and light drinks are provided all day long for your pleasure. The menu changes as per the theme of the day, so be sure to get a tantalising meal every time you visit the 469 Cafe.

Additional Facilities

The 469 All-in-One carwash does not only pride its self with good and reputable service, but we also pride ourselves with the capacity to provide an entertaining environment for our patrons in order to enhance their unforgettable experience. The All-in-one carwash is equipped with the following support facilities;

1. Plasma and DSTV to ensure that our customers never miss their favourite sport while at the carwash
2. Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure that our customers are always connected while at the carwash
3. Sound entertain ; we are able to provide quality and entertaining music which resonate with our patrons – there is never a dull moment at the All-in-One Carwash
4. Chisa nyama, our service would not have be complete without the Kasi traditional meal - Braai (uMbengo as they call it).