469 Bar lounge and Butchery is a combination of 3 business elements fused in one roof – The Bar, Butchery and Entertainment.

We define our business as simply providing Lifestyle Entertainment that reflects the aspirations of our patrons. If you are looking for pure Kasi Vibe then 469 Bar lounge is your place of choice.

  • The Bar – Here you will find all your favourite drinks , ranging from pure beer, craft beer , Vodka , ciders , wine and etc
  • Butchery – If you have not tasted our special braai sausage then you should ask our patrons. This is perhaps the best braai sausage that you will ever taste. Try us... do take our word for it. We also do pork chops, beef and chicken served with your favourite spice and source. Our guys will be ready on the braai stand to convert your meat to a delicious Kasi Braai meal
  • Entertainment is what we are selling; every weekend patrons are kept on their feet all night long by our vibrant in-house DJs who play all the inn tunes on the deck. There is never a dull moment....

Find Us At: 1 Bhungane Street, Motherwell Nu2 , Port Elizabeth

Open from Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 10:00 Am to 22:00 Pm and Friday and Saturday at 10:00 am to 4 am